Why do people have little money?

The crisis is not to blame! According to statistics, every second working Russian has a loan. Every fifth of them is not able to pay interest on it now: because of a job loss or because of a sharp drop in their income. What needs to be done to ensure that financial crises, large and small, avoid you?

The fact is that the negative impact on our family finances is not exerted by the economic crisis itself, but by our unpreparedness and unpreparedness for it. You must admit that this is the height of naivety - to believe that crises in the economy occur once every 100 years and therefore they will bypass you.

Sketch of life.

He has his own company, money from clients comes to the accounts every day, photos from different resorts and happy smiles of loved ones are hung on the office wall. At first glance, everything is great - a person has achieved visible success, and an even happier future awaits him. So it seems to us from the side - yes, he learned to “command” (manage) his money. But if you take a closer look at the facts: his firm survives only with loans taken, financial reserves are not made.

Externally, a successful company in reality collapses like a house of cards at the slightest drop in prices, a jump in the dollar, or the introduction of a new law. And the saddest thing is that it happens in almost every company. This situation is not the only one, because it has become the norm. In fact, this entrepreneur is almost no different from his hired employee, who spends his entire salary and does not postpone anything. Unfortunately, almost all people do this, it seems normal and mundane. Few people can call themselves financially illiterate, but the facts stubbornly indicate the opposite: - life in debt, from paycheck to paycheck; - lack of financial reserves (availability of loans taken); - illiterate investing, based on emotions and false advertising (which leads to the loss of accumulated); - life in a vicious circle, with only one obsessive thought - how to make money?

In an attempt to improve their deplorable financial situation, people tend to take one of two solutions: spend less or earn more. Of course, it is better to take at least something than nothing at all, but the effectiveness of acting in one direction is extremely low. If you want to solve your problems, you need to simultaneously act in two directions at once:

  1. optimize costs;
  2. earn more. Just “earning more” is not enough if you do not change your financial habits.